My Game Plan for Travel

Vanlife, travel nursing, backpacking... who knows let’s just make it happen. Here is my tentative plan for making traveling and photography into my career.

A lot of life is a compromise, the goal is finding a compromise that works and yet still gets you excited to be alive every day. Play it too safe and you risk not really living your life and just going through the motions.

Sometimes you have to just jump in.

Currently, I do travel nursing for a living. I'm am super lucky to basically be paid to travel. Yet here I am writing this and wanting something more. That’s privilege right there if you ask me! There are a few things about this job that I do not like however, and I feel like you have to at least address these and work towards having a better life to be happy. I am a big believer that if your life is at least on the right track, you will be happy.  It’s when you plateau and stagnate that depression and boredom set in.

One of my favorite trips yet, 395 North through Eastern California

One of my favorite trips yet, 395 North through Eastern California

I work night shift and it’s getting old. I love the solitude and sense that I live in my own little world apart from "normal people". I like that my work is generally less chaotic than working day shift. However, the lack of sunshine and physical activity is starting to get to me. It’s hard to be active at 3 am when the rest of the world is still asleep. I'm not saying you cant do it, I'm just saying its just less natural. I can’t really go for a walk or hike at 3 am like a person working dayshift would at 3 pm.

I am traveling for a living now, but I'm not free. I still have to stay in one spot for 3 months (typically) If say I wanted to go to Banff National Park in Canada, I would still need to request the time off like everyone else in a typical work arrangement.

Also not having a home base and being able to work on relationships is a downside to this lifestyle as well. I’m not sure focusing on traveling is going to help matters either, but it’s just something I’ll have to pay more attention to.

So here’s where the compromising starts. I still need to make a decent amount of money as I have some debts to pay off. Now obviously the goal is to make decent money as a photographer, I’m just being realistic and acknowledging that it may not happen for quite some time. I’m trying to be semi-responsible here LOL.

Side note, is being a photographer what I really want to do? Let's say, freelance explorer, I’ll leave it at that for now.

Back to the plan.

Work 3 months as a travel nurse. Spend the next 6 weeks traveling freely. Repeat.

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be more specific about what I will be doing during these 6 weeks between contracts, and I'm sure my plans will drastically change as I learn what works and what doesn't.

Thanks for following along on my little adventure called life =)

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